The Inspiration and Challenges of a Handcrafted Jewellery Artist

The Inspiration and Challenges of a Handcrafted Jewellery Artist

Juratė Lašukė, one of the most famous soutache designers, spends hours attaching the details to a backing and embellishing it all with cabochons, crystals, and beads. Soutache is a decorative braid that requires a lot of time and is crowned with a unique product. It is a kind of jewelry technique that goes hand in hand with Jūratė’s character. She loves challenges both in life and in creation: the more complicated it is, the better. Challenges bring interesting experiences, while the very presence in such a process, both each element and stage of it brings inspiration to the founder and designer of JuLas Jewellery.

The Creative and Expensive Process

Jūratė Lašukė’s award-winning jewelry showcases the organic beauty of colors and shapes that have been embellished with lovely details. The entire process from the embroidery technique to sewing the beads for finishing to design a wide repertoire of elegant necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, barrettes, and more is mesmerizing. It is a kind of therapy of colors and shapes for both the jewelry maker and the customer-to-be.

Each piece – even the tiniest earring has its own history and its beginning. In making the jewelry Jūratė has to order elements for the jewelry-to-be from designers originating from different countries: Russia, Italy, Spain, as well as from e-shops from different parts of the world.

Soutache jewelry is one of the most expensive kinds of jewelry in the jewelry market. This is due to the fact that it requires a lot of work and time, the production technique involves embroidery, it is a rather subtle technique that requires knowledge and experience. For example, there is a supplier in Spain who supplies the soutache ribbons handcrafted by designers. These are in an array of the fashionable ombré tints, they come in small quantities due to the handcrafting.

The piece of jewelry begins with placing an order for the materials to manufacture it, and next by visualizing the way the jewelry-to-be is to look like. Jūratė uses only high-quality materials. Having received them, having touched them, by transferring them through the inner-self, and sensing their pleasingly high and impeccable quality, she constructs the further vision of the way the future work of art is to look like. This is when the putting together the puzzles — the elements of the future piece of jewelry — begins. It starts with sketching, which is as if apropos, just for herself, and later on, it becomes more realistic imagery that gives birth to the jewelry.

Jūratė finds a combination of colors, the play of colors as the most interesting stage of creation. She loves bright, vivid, and light colors that grant one with optimism. It is namely the tint adjustment and harmonization that gives the grounds for the magic and beauty of the creation: it attracts the eye as much as it is unique. Speaking in other words, its attractiveness defines its uniqueness.


“Jewellery has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique.”


Each delicate selection is wrapped in a ribbon of bright colors and shapes to become a custom piece that incorporates special natural stones and textile ribbons showing off their textures, curves, and bends that adorn a woman on her special day. Just as nature has a will of its own when creating natural colors and shapes, no two of Jūratė’s pieces are exactly alike.


The Meticulous Approach Towards the Process 

The thin ribbons that are only 3 mm wide have to be selected precisely according to the tint needed and use them with your know-how so that the most accurate detail (the beads, the tints, the ribbons, etc.) in the specific location of the piece of jewelry is selected. Each jewelry has its own center and foundation, so the creator has to know exactly what she wants to create, and what idea and emotion she wishes to convey, as well as which part of the jewelry she is willing to emphasize.

It is a process that requires a lot of patience, diligence, time, concentration, and knowledge to invest, seeking to create a mature work of art with a beautiful and harmonious composition. It is a kind of work that cannot be completed by a machine. Art requires the heart of a human being.


“Create your own style… Let it be unique to yourself and yet identifiable to others.”
– Anna Wintour


Hence, Jūratė enjoys the whole process from its beginning to the end. The maturation of the piece of work grants her the satisfaction of a creative, whereas the stage which leads to the results and the mere sensation that each piece of jewelry is different, unique, unseen, unprecedented, and authentic. Each piece of jewelry is created in stages that are defined by the experiences, moods, and feelings contributed by the creator’s mood and emotional state of the moment.


International Recognition

From the very beginning of her career as a jewelry artisan, Jūratė stays up-to-date on handmade jewelry trends and techniques by attending frequent courses, ranging from ancestral techniques and processes to modern delicate techniques and advancements — all of which, Jūratė says, has helped her increase her knowledge, skills, and business acumen as an artist.

Jūratė Lašukė’s jewelry has become award-winning today and showcases the organic beauty of colors and shapes that have been embellished with lovely details. The gradual steps take JuLas Jewellery to the next level of international recognition and give grounds for an even greater inspiration to continue creating. This year has brought a reward for Jūratė’s efforts which the whole team and the admirers are especially proud of: an award in a competition in Spain and attendance at an exhibition in Bergamo.

In the spring of 2019, Jūratė Lašukė took part in a competition of jewelry designers organized in Spain. A Spanish e-shop, which engages in sales of materials for jewelry making, now and then announces competitions for jewelry creators by thus gathering creators from all around the world and encourages creating and sharing, becoming more visible, communicating, and enjoying hand-crafts. All the participants are sent materials that are to be used for creating jewelry. The Committee of the organizers selected Jūratė and her JuLas Jewellery as the winner. Jūratė Lašukė won one of the tours and was awarded a prize: materials for her further jewelry. Her earrings that won the competition are featured on the page with the list of those materials that have been used to create the winning earrings.

The Winner Earrings and the Materials Used to Manufacture It 1024x702 - The Inspiration and Challenges of a Handcrafted Jewellery Artist


Although small, this victory has brought joy to Jūratė and has been personally pleasing by making her feel evaluated and understanding that her creation brings joy to other people, which is her actual purpose of creation.

It is pleasant to attend exhibitions, participate in various organizations, and to test your capabilities and, most importantly, your creativity so as to see and experience how other people evaluate you.


The Creative and Inspiring Need for Communication with Other Artists and Cultures 


Jūratė, just like other artists feels the need to communicate with other creatives. This year in Bergamo, Italy, Jūratė Lašukė participated in an exhibition as an attendee and properly used the chance to meet other female artists from France and Italy – the ones that inspire Jūratė.

It was very interesting to meet those designers live and get to know more of them – in the creative medium while sensing the extraordinary Italian atmosphere. The trip to Milan and Italian people, the nature, the culture, and the settings of the location took her sensations to the creative level and inspired her on-coming works to be yet created.

Jūratė Lašukė 300x300 - The Inspiration and Challenges of a Handcrafted Jewellery Artist


Individual Approach in High Demand


Recently the soutache jewelry has proved to be a trending technique that is in high demand. The intrinsic details are the ones that attract the admirers of soutache. The exhibition and competition have proven the increase in the interest of different people from different parts of the world in handcrafted jewelry and, particularly, the soutache technique. Last but not least is the possibility for customers to get an individual and meticulous approach towards their personal needs and receive a handmade bespoke piece of art that suits their individual personality and unique traits.


“Jewellery is a very personal thing… it should tell a story about the person who’s wearing it.” – Garance Doré


Further Creative Plans


Jūratė’s further dreams are to participate in a fashion show in order to exhibit her creations and prepare a small individual exhibition of her own works so that as many people get to know her creation.

JuLas Jewellery embodies artistic integrity and the beautifully perfect. Each piece is artistic and colorful, drawing inspiration from the image of the sun with natural stones, beads, and textiles. JuLas Jewellery individually and in a contemporary manner explores an experimental approach to the traditional historical technique of soutache.

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