How I Became a Creative

How I Became a Creative

How I Became a creative. My name is Jūratė Lašukė and I am a Lithuanian – born jewelry maker. I have a real
passion for jewelry, particularly jewelry created using the soutache technique. I love
everything about it: its versatility, the possibilities to play with colors, its royalness, its
textures and forms; its analogy with the sun; the possibility to play with colors; the
possibility to work and communicate with the personalities of my clients and develop a unique
work of art that is consistent with their unique characters.
I found I was fond of jewelry and other crafts as a child. I started crocheting and knitting
when I was 5 years old. I was especially fond of beauty and other clothing crafts as well:
sewing or knitting clothes to dress up me and other people. This might have been
coded in my genes, and thus given by my grandfather who was a tailor and whom I have
never had the chance to meet. Still, I had too little patience as a child, but my mother
helped in this, she was a really strong-willed person.

Emotion, Creation and Challenges

My mother used to say: “If you make it all by yourself, no one will have it either and
everybody will notice you. You will be outstanding and you will not replicate it by yourself
since the emotion when creating jewelry is unique”. Indeed, each piece of jewelry is an
extraordinary work of art. Every time you create, you experience a new emotion, which
grants you a new creation and a novel result. Our creation continues our life, thus making us limitless, infinite, and continuous. All you need is just catch them and capture them by
fixing the moment and emotion lying within. We need to find how to open ourselves.
Creation is my religion and addiction. We create each minute but we do not perceive we
are creators. We do not grow old – we only mature and develop throughout our lives.
I have never feared challenges in my life. These are the moments when you feel strong
and harmonious, it even gives certain pleasure and keeps you interested and live all the
At the age of 17 years, I was courageous enough to leave my parents’ home with my
accordion and enter J. Švedas Pedagogical Music School. This is how I became a
professional musician. I created a family early and had two kids. Later, I met my new future
husband when I was 39 years old. This is how I moved to Cork in Ireland.
Cork is the second city in Ireland, the history and architecture of which gives a good
background for creativity and ideas. Yet, I have noticed that it is not popular to wear
jewelry in Cork. I would be happy if women here begin wearing not only the custom
pearls but also more sophisticated and unique jewelry.

The Creative Manifesto

Over the past centuries, in many cultures worldwide, one of the most important heirlooms
given by a loving mother to her daughter was her jewelry passed down from previous
generations. We all had it – our mothers’ pearls, our grandmothers’ vintage brooches, the
bits of twisted wire we as children used to design with love into rings, beads, sequins,
bracelets, and necklaces… It is heart-wrenching to see this change of our treasures
nowadays, on the one hand, since they carried so much emotional weight.

Contemporary jewelry has become cheaper and thus, more available. Some artists
believe that the previous sensation and experience of jewelry can never be replaced.
Luckily there are forms of jewelry that might bring new meanings into life.
Jewelry is weighted with meaning. It does not really matter what it is, because there is
some sentimental or emotional grounding you wear the particular thing – either you wear
your mother’s wedding ring on your right hand, and a battered, misshapen silver thumb
ring bought for you by your youngest daughter out of her 3 EUR pocket money.
On the other hand, jewelry has become a more personal thing and a kind of
psychotherapy, particularly speaking about personalized jewelry. The personalized
jewelry category continues to evolve. The yearning for personalized products is as strong
as ever in all market fields and jewelry is no exclusion. This creates a good field in the
market for a Creative jewelry maker.
I have always pondered what it means to lead my life with a creative intention. It gives
me the opportunity to meditate upon the tensions and experience of life and see where
personalities tend to lean, what it means to them, and what they are striving to, the
relationships they have, and then it all has on them and the world around them.
“To be a Creative: To reclaim the right to our individual identities; To play an active role in
shaping, in creating our lives from the inside out; To fulfill our need to create which is part
of all of us.”
Olivia Sprinkel

Soutache Jewellery as Psychotherapy

People express themselves by wearing jewelry. When you see a person and the way he
or she looks and behaves with your products and reacts to them, the way he or she
expresses himself or herself. Soutache jewelry is a type of jewelry used by prominent
personalities. This special technique discloses personal characteristics and it is a kind of
therapy. Moreover, I think it is psychotherapy. It grants a person with self-confidence,
allows the individual to show off certain traits. The value of this type of jewelry lies in its
emotional and sentimental worth. Being a jewelry maker, I love love the way I can
meditate upon the possibilities jewelry gives to relieve the tensions in our lives and to lean
on the inner self and strength that comes from beneath of us and the various spectra of
approaches that different people have in their lives.

Jewelry Making as Psychotherapy

Having been interested in personality analysis, philosophy, psychology, and analysis of
colors, I have gone deeper into the studies of fashion consultancy (a certificate in
Fashion Styling and Image Consulting) and jewelry design. In the meantime, I am
studying at the International Career Institute for a second certificate in jewelry fashion
and design. I have always tried to expand my training and skills. When I emigrated to my
country, I got to know various designers such as designers from Italy, some of them work
in the house of DIOR. I invested a lot to pursue my career.
Life nowadays offers plenty of scope for improvement, which must be used to advantage.
When improving personality, the person always renews himself or herself, it gives the
opportunity to move onwards instead of standing still and looking for disadvantages in life.
Instead, the person is responsible for himself or herself and has no time for negative
things. By evolving one makes the world more beautiful and human beings happier. By
doing a job you love in a creative way, one makes customers happy, thus making oneself
happy too. Those are milestones in life.
Jewelry’s value lies in its emotional and sentimental worth. Being a jewelry maker, I
love to get to know the person I am making jewelry too. I love helping my clients choose
the colors for future jewelry and choose the color range which suits a certain
season. Every detail comes gradually once I begin communicating with the person, just
like in evolving of a personality. I believe jewelry is an inseparable part of our

Origin and Extensions of the Soutache Technique

Being a type of jewelry of army, the soutache technique is vivid in expressive forms.
Moreover, it is vivid in colors. Originating from France, this technique expanded to Italy
and Spain, the sunny countries, characteristic of certain clothing and manners, which
made it easier to adapt to this kind of jewelry.
The soutache technique allows playing with colors which makes me happy. I love the works
of art by Italian designers, especially Serena di Mercione and Dolce & Gabbana, whose art pieces are
vivid with a lot of flowers, femininity, and romantics. I believe that women have to be
feminine, romantic, and light.
Some of the soutache plaits by other creators are too aggressive, while I attempt to produce
more positive jewelry that is light in forms. I seek for tenderness, warmth, and softness of
forms, since the women of nowadays are angry, high-handed, dominant, and combative,
and they need to come to a light breeze with light dresses, and beautiful earrings. The
world is craving for a different concept of femininity. It needs women as flowing suns,
smiling and bringing love, peace, and beauty.

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