About Julas Jewellery

About Julas Jewellery

Exclusive handmade jewelry in Ireland, designed for a bold, extravagant, and beautiful woman. She appreciates freedom, individuality, innovations, and also never afraid to be herself. Julas Jewellery inspiration from fashion and art. All fascinating embroidery designs coming from a great love of textile art, colors, and the beauty of nature.

In the process of my creations, I imagine the women, who wearing jewelry – has a specific taste and personality, also she can improvisate and can be involved in her own adventure to create a new style. I always like to create something impressive, contrasting, and provocative. My passion is to make women one of a kind.

Julas Jewellery shop offering extraordinary soutache jewelry in different shapes designs for everyday or special occasions. Also incredible jewelry collections with a wide range of exclusive earrings, necklaces, collars, bracelets, and brooches. Original crochet handbags, and also purses combined as a set with jewelry pieces.

Unique soutache jewelry made with high-quality materials – fine textile cords, handmade cabochons, natural gemstones, and also Swarovski crystals. For aesthetic look –  backside covered with leather or soft suede.

Discover some unusual pieces at JuLas Jewellery and be one of a kind!






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